• Italiano
  • Blue Blend
    Compatible with brand machines
    Lavazza®* Espresso Point®*

    Miscela Suprema

    CREAMY AND LIGHT: the right blend for those who prefer decaffeinated espresso. Bold on the palate. No giving up the taste or the creaminess of good, real, traditional coffee. Due to Caffè Borbone’s advanced technology, this blend tastes just like traditional Neapolitan coffee.

    *Lavazza®, *Espresso Point® and *Lavazza Espresso® are trademarks owned by Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. ®.
    Caffè Borbone Srl is an independent producer and not related to Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.®.
    Caffè Borbone capsules are compatible with *Lavazza Espresso® coffee machines for home use.